Broad-minded Recordings Review…..

“Amy Jessie Mackenzie is a hidden gem who’s distinctive resonating voice is full of variety and purpose. Amy vocals deliver such rich tones whilst also providing a raw feeling with her alternative style of music to behold the ears. Ranging from folk, country, pop and soul Amy has a stripped back feel with her voice and guitar, it’s certainly a style that’s hard to pigeon hole. Amy is a lyricist with great perception, purity and depth, as well a singer song writer whom keeps things simple and authentic. It’s this balance that makes Amy Jessie Mackenzie hard to ignore!”

My Background & Vision

I am captivated by the alluring richness of music and it is very much a part of me. I began writing my own lyrics at 8 years old and I have always wanted to produce my own music. In recent years I have been playing the guitar and my vision is to bring my voice and guitar together to be a singer songwriter. I also like to write and perform poetry as this is very expressive and fulfilling.