I love poetry and it goes hand in hand with my love of writing lyrics. I try to write with tranquility and compassion and it can often be a great healing process for me. I feel poetry comes through me as I connect with Mother Earth and express myself. I enjoy reading my poems out at poetry events and I will be sharing my poems here…..

Summer Poetry Jam at Liverpool Parish Church

My performance is at 35mins


by Amy Jessie Mackenzie

In the secretive spiral the answers lay
In the wispy wind I begin to sway 
In the chaos I choose to pray 

In the soil the nutrients are found 
In the Godly sky the light beams are bound 
In the trees feathered beings are crowned 

In the cool breeze, rustles crispy leaves
In the humble day humans & creatures weave 
In the wondrous fresh air I believe

In my own space I close my eyes to see
In the idiosyncratic world that creates "I" into "we"
In healing times nature is the bearer of the key